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I can also do concrete, block and brick.  Below are pictures of an old limestone wall that was collapsing so I encased it in concrete and put a six foot chain link fence on top.  I can also do wooden and plastic fences. (At bottom of page)

Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.

  Chain link on a concrete wall

Wall & Fence

I encased this crumbling limestone wall in concrete and installed a fence on top.

Wall & Fence

This picture shows a better view of the eight foot gate I installed.

A white vinyl fence

Post holes

Holes are drilled in the ground to accomodate the posts

Setting the posts

Here the posts have been placed in the holes waiting to be set in 24" of concrete.

Attach the sections

Most of the posts have been set and we are starting to attach the fence sections

More posts

Closing in on the end.

Another section

4' gate

A view of a 4' wide gate

Almost Done


Local ordinances vary.  Homeowner is responsible to obtain all permits and inspections.


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