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is to provide affordable repairs and improvements in, on, and around your home and/or business.  I will do the jobs that are too small for the large contractor to bother with.  I can also do larger jobs.   Click here for a list of what I can do.

My Profile

I am 60 years old and have been fixing things since before I can remember.  As a small child, when something broke, my parents would give it to me to fix.  As a teenager, I built my own cars by buying 2 junked cars of the same model and taking parts from one car to fix the other.  I have always done my own remodeling work on my homes and previously owned other remodeling companies in the mid 70's, and late 80's.  Recently I worked for Shultz Refinishing as general manager and supervised large jobs removing, refinishing, and reinstalling church pews.

I also have a degree in electronics.  In the early 80's I was involved in research and development of the internet.

Richard L Mase Sr.

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109 S. 3rd St., Lebanon, PA 17042
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