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I can do almost any residential and some commercial electrical repair or installation you need.  I shy away from installing main services for bureaucratic reasons, but I am not afraid to go into the panel and add a new circuit or remove an existing circuit. 

Prior to obtaining my degree in electronics, I had many years experience wiring homes and troubleshooting multi-million dollar electronic systems.  Now you might think that they are not related but they are.  Electricity is electricity, only the power and frequency varies.  One must have a firm grasp of basic electricity in order to understand electronics.  In today's world it is hard to tell where electrician and electronic technician separate.

I am familiar with the residential electric code and know what is safe and what is not.  I will not compromise safety!  If you need a light, receptacle, switch, fan, motor, or any other electrical device or appliance repaired, replaced or installed, I'm your man.

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Ceiling fan

I replaced a light with this ceiling fan.


This custom install of a dishwasher into an antique cabinet required a new electrical circuit.


Pictured here is what I found in a customer's house between the basement ceiling and the first floor. A short circuit almost burned the house down. What you are looking at is the charring on the paper face of the insulation.

Same short

This is a different view of the same short. Note the charring on the wooden floor joist. The short was caused by a nail through two wires and seemed to function properly for 5 years before a problem was noticed.


Local ordinances vary, it is the homeowner's responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and inspections as required by law.  Usually replacement of an existing faulty device requires neither a permit or an inspection.


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