Rick-Of-All-Trades, LLC

is now

Mase Electric


Started in 2009, Rick-Of-All-Trades provided prompt, reliable service to Lebanon County, PA.  Owned by Richard L Mase Sr., Rick-Of-All-Trades performed small home improvements, repairs, and maintenance. Services included carpentry, drywall, masonry, electrical, plumbing, and heating.

Due to multiple surgeries and the normal aging process, in 2018 I decided to scale down the services I provide.  I am now concentrating solely on electrical work.  I will provide only residential service.  Services provided include diagnosis and repair, installation of additional circuits and new main entry services. I am not seeking to do large projects or new construction.

Coming soon are links to my old web site and other businesses I own.  From the old web site you can see what I used to do, contact me and link to my other businesses - Junk2Junque.com and Just Enuff Oil.   Please bear in mind that the other services I performed in the past are only there for your reference and to gauge the quality of my work.

For right now though you can contact me for a free estimate at 717-383-3040.  Please note diagnosis is strictly by the hour @ $60.00/hr.